" We saw Vehicles for the first time in our lives, Thanks to Gov. Dickson" – Aleibiri Inhabitants

A villager told NDV: “We rolled out the drums because it was the first time in history that our people used to seeing only boats and other watercrafts, saw  a long convoy of cars (all four -wheel vehicles) venturing into their land.”
“The adults were not left out as they were unanimous in their show of gratitude to the governor, who fulfilled his electoral promise to open up the area.  The road, which traverses a large swathe of the dense mangrove swamp though yet to be completed, is a bold demonstration of man’s ability to tame his environment if only there is the political will,” he said.
Also, jubilant kids defied security operatives that escorted the governor and surrounded the Hilux Jeeps in approval.
– Vanguardngr

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