killings under Dickson, competiting with his Predecessor, Egbesu Apostle blames Government for the numerous cult related killings in Bayelsa.

The leader of the Egbesu brotherhood, Apostle Bodmas kemepadei, has described the death of Late Miss Fred Seiyefa as unfortunate but avertable.

Miss Fred Seiyefa, said to be in her 20’s was reported to have been shot dead by suspected Cultists in Amarata area of Yenagoa, while attempting to rob her phone

Apostle Bodmas, who recently convened an Anti-cultism rally in Yenagoa, noted that the state Government should be held responsible for failing to their constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and properties, despite amount of funds allocated for the purpose.

Deceased victim

The Apostle further stated, that Bayelsa has become a breeding ground for cultism, a haven for drugs and theatre of cult war and bloodshed under the present Government.

He also stated that with the number of deaths and crimes recorded under this administration was enough to say, the killings are of no difference with the past regime, noting that the present Government was non-challant about the situation.

Parts of his statements further reads:

” Many persons don’t know what is happening in this state, if they become aware, many would immediately relocate to other states, i say this because a private investigation has been carried out by me as to the cause of the unrest, and the revelations were shocking.

” Cultism and abuse of drugs is on the increase, there is no day that passes in Yenagoa, that gunshots are not heard. People are being killed like chickens, yet no reports of arrests made.

” Worst of it, is that the state owned local security outfits has been compromised with lopsided opportunities, creating more internal division and instigating most of the cult killings and crimes being experienced across.

” The Government is acting like they are unaware, but it is not true, lives are being used for political bargains and favour seeking.

” The Governor of our state is our Chief Security officer, if the lives and properties of Bayelsans cannot be guaranteed under him, then obviously, the administration is a failed one.

” I urge every Bayelsan to wake up, the streets of Yenagoa is now a theatre of war and bloodshed, the recent recorded deaths proves it to be so, the unfortunate death of Fred Seiyefa, a young lady in her 20’s, shot dead right in front of her house yesterday night, tells us, that lives are now wasted like Chickens under this present government.

” We should join hands together to restore peace in our state, cultism affects us all, if you are not a cultist then you are a victim, don’t wait for this government, security is all of us business.

” And to my fellow youths, I appeal to you once again to give peace a chance in Bayelsa, if it continues like this, the Hunger and poverty will only increase, but peace will bring about growth and development”

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