Ijaw Youths leader, Jonathan Lokpobiri bags UN peace Ambassador award

inducted as member of United Nation’s Peace Committee.

Ijaw youths leaders in Niger Delta, convened in felicitation of Sir Jonathan Lokpobiri, as he was honored as “AMBASSADOR OF PEACE”, by the United Nations POLAC(positive livelihood award centre) peace foundation, to be now referred with the title of “His Excellency” as the body commemorated it’s annual “International Peace advocates day” held every 15th of December for the celebration of the Millennium of World Peace as declared by the United Nations International Decade for peace and non-violence in promotion of the United Nations Millennium Development goals (MDGs) and UNESCO culture for peace project.

Sir Jonathan, is a foremost and outspoken Ijaw Youth leader, who hails from Ekeremor LGA of Bayelsa State, he was elected Chairman of the Prestigious Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) central zone in 2007, and was remarkably lauded for his numerous achievements in job creation, youths advocacy and crises resolution, which led to a certain level of peace experienced in the Niger delta region today.

The Director General of the body, Obong Dr. Halo B. Eton, JP, MP, in the body’s letter, stated that as parts of it’s celebration, the Nigerian chapter was honoring Nigerians of proven integrity, to confer on Jonathan the prestigious award which was in recognition of his immense endorsement of the fundamental ideals and practices of the UNESCO, through selfless services to humanity in the areas of: provision of Employment, healthcare delivery services, promotion of African culture/conflict resolution, Royalty, Good Governance, promotion of religious ideals, provision of peace and security, quality education, food security/Agricultural development, Justice, Law, order, Arts and culture.

It also stated that the award will go with the following benefits;

• The recipient will be decorated with the UN-POLAC apparel and gown
• UN-POLAC certificate of appointment
• An international identity card
• A UN-POLAC flag to be hoisted at any place of the recipient’s choice.
• To own the UN-POLAC customised vehicle number plates
• Recipient will become a member of the United Nations Peace committee
• To be called upon for peace and conflict resolutions
• Recipient will be presented with UN-POLAC crest

The body also stated that the nomination was the highest calling to recognize individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others, who dedicate themselves to promote universal moral values, strong family value, inter-religious cooperation, international harmony and the establishment of culture of peace. And the award was in consonance with the UN General Assembly declaration of year 2001-2010 as international decade for peace and non-violence.

The event was held Today, Saturday, 15th of December, in Port-harcourt, Rivers state, and was attended by high profiled dignitaries.

Among the Ijaw leaders who were present: Comr. Daniel Dasimaka, IYC National Spokesman, Sylvester Dataribi, former Ijaw student President, Peter Ebifa, IYC National leader from the East, and others.

While Presenting the Award, the body charged the recipients, to always defend human rights and restore dignity to all persons.

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