Ijaw group set to honor Alapala, others for contributions to Ijaw Nation

It’s time to tell the Ijaw Story, group says, as it reveals plans to honor Alapala, others, for their immense contributions to Ijaw Nation.

• Set to Launch Ijaw Book of Legends.

A conglomeration of Ijaw group under the auspices of Ijaw Unity and peace Commitee, has hinted on plans to launch a book titled “The Ijaw Book of Legends”, which will feature a bit of culture, history, myths, folktales, and legendary stories of Ijaw heroes, heroine, both dead and living.

In a statement from the group’s convener, who also doubles as a blogger and leader of the Egbesu brotherhood, Apostle Bodmas kemepadei, he also noted, that the book will contain the stories of all Ijaws that have made their marks in the land, he stated that as part of research works and facts findings to actualising the project, the group will be paying courtesy visits to some prominent Ijaw leaders, verbal and non-verbal Ijaw historians also, where they will further be honored with awards for their contributions to the growth and development of Ijaw people.

The Apostle further noted that the group’s first visit will be the home of famous Ijaw Leader, Ebitonmo Alapala Anthony alias Odumalagba 1 of Niger Delta, who he lauded as one with a Kind heart and supportive, that has continued to uphold the unity and peace of Ijaw people, by providing scholarships, jobs, and other basic social amenities, keeping Ijaws in one fold.

The Apostle said, that he (Bodmas) has faced a whole of criticisms simply because he believes in Ijaw, he stated that as a preacher of the Ijaw cultural history, despite the campaigns of calumny against his person, he would not relent until Ijaw people are aware of who they are.

” For those who know me, they can attest that this is what I do almost everyday, from the inception i began the awareness campaign on our culture belief and practices, everyone following me up can tell that there has been positive results

“The book we are currently working on is therefore a step forward, there are too many distorted stories about Ijaws, this will therefore be a well written document, that can be handed over to generations unborn without any form of controversy

“As Ijaw people, if we crave to build a better nation, then we need to as a matter of urgency begin to pay attention to who we are; those essentials that defines us as Ijaws, where we are coming from; our history, our story, the sacrifices made by our heroes past and present, where we now; our present state, and where we ought to be; what we envisage for our people and land in all that we have gone through

“We need to start encouraging and motivating ourselves, by teaching our culture, history, and stories to all our people, both old and young

“There is a wrong narrative out there about us, we are called all manner of derogatory names, from sea-pirates, bandits, bunkerers, idol worshippers to militants, but that is not true

“For many years, we have kept quiet and allow strangers to tell us own our story, and they did so, only in their favour

“As a body, what we are doing is changing that narrative, while we also honor those that have done well to secure the peace and serenity we enjoy today

“Among the great names that have ventured in these lands making tremendous impact, Alapala is one of them, his story is an untold one, and by the time it’s properly documented along with others, we all will be proud of who we are, and be happy to have ourselves together

“The Truth is, we cannot develop or grow as a Nation without the concept of history and cultural background” the Apostle statement said.

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